Nebraska Endurance &

Competitive Trail Ride Association

A little about us

The Nebraska Endurance and Competitive Trail Ride Association (NECTRA) was founded in 1974.  Our goals are to create a long-term partnership with the horse and preserve equestrian trails.  We meet six to eight times per year including meetings, pleasure rides with meetings following, hosting up to two competitive trail rides in Nebraska each season and participating in distance riding events throughout the nation. 

We encourage people from all backgrounds and experience levels to join our organization as each individual brings something unique with them.  Even if you are not an avid rider or horse owner, you don't have to be to experience the camaraderie and friendship as well as being a contributing member.  Our organization's non-riders have an important place in the club serving as volunteers at competitive rides or trail clearing/maintenance days, helping organize events and simply having fun!

For over four decades, NECTRA is proud to sponsor the oldest competitive trail ride in the nation held continuously over the same set of trails, the Indian Cave CTR.  This ride offers competitors a beautiful view of the Missouri River from the hills and bluffs at Indian Cave State Park.  In addition, it allows riders to experience trails not normally open to equestrians.



President - Helen Smith
Vice President - Sarah Rinne
Secretary/Treasurer - MaryAlice Braun
Corresponding Secretary - Shari Parys

Recording Secretary - Shari Parys

Board of Directors:

Alex Braun

Vickie Gautier
Mary Hanson

Tammy Vasa
Shari Parys (Past President)


If you are interested in the sport of distance riding, consider attending a NECTRA meeting or one of our competitive trail rides.  Check our NECTRA Events page for upcoming events!   Or click here for information on joining our club.

Please email us at with any questions. We'd love to hear from you!