Points of Emphasis

- Caring for your horse over a variety of terrain, varying weather conditions including heat, humidity and cold to complete a ride with a happy and healthy horse.

- Training to obtain a well mannered partner in your trail horse with skills necessary to navigate a variety of trails safely.  Specific training such as side passing, backing through trees and brush, traveling over logs, ditches and creeks, etc.

- Conditioning your horse (regardless of breed or trail experience) to ensure stamina and endurance.  To educate riders in the proper methods for conditioning of the distance horse
including a healthy heart rate and respiratory system.

- Nutritional education to encourage a healthy and energetic horse willing to work with you as a partner.  Nutrition that provides the basis for a long-term career in distance riding.

- Safety for you, your horse and everyone involved is always a priority.

- Health issues of your horse's care regarding such problems as colic, thumps, typing up, stress induced conditions, lameness, and increasing your knowledge on preventative health measures.

- Horsemanship to encourage you the rider, to continually improve your seat, hands, balance, leg aids and skills associated with riding in varied terrain allowing for proper care and treatment of your horse. 

Photo by Andy Klamm

Nebraska Endurance &

Competitive Trail Ride Association

‚ÄčThe Nebraska Endurance and Competitive Trail Ride Association (NECTRA) promotes the sport of distance riding.  NECTRA objectives are to stimulate and promote greater interest in distance riding to equestrians seeking new challenges with their horses, camaraderie and riding the nation's variety of trails.


NATRC Sanctioned

NECTRA is proud to have our competitive rides and clinics sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).  Visit their website at www.natrc.org for more information on competitive trail riding. 

You can contact your regional membership chair by visiting www.natrcregion6.org.  You will be sent a packet of information that will answer most of your questions.  We will welcome you to the Region 6 family, and if you desire, will introduce you to a mentor in your area!